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Liv is committed to the female cyclist. We offer the only comprehensive product collection designed specifically for female riders, ranging from beautiful apparel to premium bicycles. No matter your riding style, Liv provides the best products to help you discover new possibilities through cycling.

This is your place to learn more about Liv. To explore the brand, meet our ambassadors and find out about upcoming events. Whether you're training for a triathlon, tackling your first century ride or looking to make cycling part of a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle, Liv is here to help you reach your goals.



We are a team of women from diverse backgrounds whose passion for cycling has brought us together. We all enjoy riding as a way of staying physically fit, experiencing new trails, and meeting other female riders with the same level of enthusiasm for cycling and the outdoors. If you are a new rider to the area or just looking for other women to explore our beautiful bay area trails, come ride with us! 


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